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With the downfall of Uber, use a San Diego airport car service
May 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
With the downfall of Uber, use a San Diego airport car service

Even prior to the pandemic, ride-hailing company Uber posted multi-billion dollar losses. This has been a result of long wait times and a struggle to recruit drivers. While the idea of crowd-sourced taxi services was good on paper and in practice initially, the model has shown that it’s not sustainable in the long-term. However, San Diego airport car services like that of Swan continue to withstand the test of time. Keep reading to see why a car service is not only preferable by many who hail rides, but the superior service in the industry.


At Swan, we understand that when you’re scheduling a ride you have important places to go. Whether you’re headed to the airport to catch a plane to an important meeting or need to send a car to pick someone up, dependability is key. Our drivers always account for unforeseen circumstances that might add travel time to your drive so that you can get to the airport without feeling rushed to get to your gate. An airport car service will get you where you need to be when you need to be there so you have plenty of time to relax before jumping on a plane.

Professional drivers

When you hire an Uber, you’re getting a ride from someone who usually has less driving experience than you. They might be familiar with the area, but they seldom have the necessary training and experience to keep you safe should there be a high-risk situation on the road. Our professional drivers have had to pass training courses and tests that give them expert-level knowledge of on-road situations. You’ll feel an added level of safety and security when riding with our drivers over the average Joe who’s driving with a ride-sharing company.

Vetted drivers

To ensure that you’re safe both on the road and in the car, we vet our drivers to ensure that they’re of high integrity and trustworthy. It’s not only our job to get you from point A to point B, but to do it in a manner that you feel comfortable. When you ride with a vetted driver, you can feel comfortable that you aren’t going to be at risk for theft or any other negative experience. We understand that your comfort is a high priority and that extends beyond a luxury vehicle.

No mystery vehicles

When it comes to getting you to your destination, our airport car service takes as much pride in presentation as it does our stellar track record. Our fleet is filled with beautiful luxury vehicles that provide you with a comfortable ride no matter where you’re going. Yes, rideshare services offer a luxury option, but you have to pay extra and you’re not sure what you’re going to get. With Swan, we employ only luxury vehicles to maximize your experience with our service. All vehicles will arrive to pick you up in a state of immaculate elegance that you won’t get anywhere else.

Schedule your ride with Swan

Don’t risk your ride with unprofessional drivers. Schedule a San Diego airport car service today to save yourself time and money. Swan provides luxurious and clean vehicles to get you to the airport in comfort and style. Give our team a call today at 760-224-5797 or use our app to schedule your ride.